Sweden Just Built The World’s Tallest Wooden Wind Turbine

Swedish startup Modvion has made a significant stride in sustainable energy with the completion of the world’s tallest wooden wind turbine tower. This groundbreaking structure, located outside Skara, northeast of Gothenburg, stands at an impressive 344 feet (105 meters), with the tip of its highest blade reaching a towering 492 feet (150 meters). The 2-megawatt (MW) wooden wind turbine is now actively generating power for 400 homes in Sweden, marking a milestone for renewable energy.

The tower’s innovative design comprises 144 layers of laminated veneer lumber, with each layer made from 3 millimeters of sustainable spruce. Constructed in seven sections using 28 stacked modules held together by steel fittings, the tower showcases the strength of wood, which is not only robust but also lighter than steel. One of the key advantages highlighted by Modvion is the tower’s modularity, making it easier to transport on standard roads, a feature that streamlines the installation process.

Beyond its structural prowess, the wooden tower represents a carbon-negative solution. The wood not only stores carbon but continues to absorb it throughout its operational lifespan. Additionally, at the end of its life cycle, the tower walls can be repurposed as high-strength beams for the building industry, showcasing a commitment to sustainability beyond energy generation.

The turbine itself, a 2 MW model, was manufactured by Danish wind giant Vestas, a shareholder in Modvion since 2021. This collaboration marks the first instance of pairing Modvion’s innovative tower technology with a Vestas turbine, signaling a successful integration of expertise from both companies.

With a focus on the future, Modvion has revealed its aim to establish a factory in 2027 that will produce 100 wooden wind turbines a year. This action demonstrates the company’s dedication to increasing output and solidifying wooden wind turbine towers as an affordable and environmentally friendly option within the renewable energy market.

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