Surgeons Reconnect Infant’s Head To Body After Spine Got Snapped In Half

head reconnected to body

In a first-of-its kind surgical procedure, a young infant suffering from internal decapacitation or separation of Spine from the brain has got his little head connected back to the body. It is a remarkable feat of modern medicine and professionalism that such a unique case was handled, and now the poor 16-month-old might just live a normal life.

Aussie baby Jackson Tyler was traveling in a car with his mother and sister when it made a head-on collision with another vehicle at a devastating 110 Kph that immediately snapped his spinal cord in half. Generally, people die in such traumatic conditions, but luckily he survived but the problem was that Jackson’s connection from the brain to neck downwards was entirely cut off. If it wasn’t connected back urgently, he would have to live a completely paralyzed life for the rest of his days which is a pretty gruesome proposition for such a ¬†young person.

He was brought to the operating room of a Brisbane hospital, Australia and the neurosurgeon Geoff Askin immediately went to work and attempted to connect his vertebrae back using a bone from his rib and winding them together with wire to make a graft. Now the child is in stable condition, and doctors have high hopes that this innovative procedure will let him regain normal neuromotor functions like control of limbs and other involuntary actions. This is one lucky kid as nobody survives this kind of accident and let alone an operation of this magnitude. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery and help this field progress even further with his contribution. Surgeon Geoff Askin, take a bow, man!


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