Steve Wozniak Says You Should Get A Tesla If You Want To Learn About How AI Can Kill You

Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, recently voiced his concerns about Tesla’s self-driving ambitions and advised individuals researching the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) to think about buying a Tesla car. Wozniak’s opinions about Tesla have changed over time, and more recent ones have tended to be critical. It’s important to remember that his opinions don’t necessarily constitute “hatred,” though.

Wozniak initially bought a Tesla Model S after Elon Musk chastised him in 2013 for getting a gas-guzzler. He publicly professed his love for Tesla, praising its Supercharger network in particular. However, he later considered trading in his Tesla for a Chevy Bolt EV, which brought up the subject. Wozniak eventually bought a second Model S once Tesla released Autopilot 2.0, despite having misgivings about the innovation.

Wozniak emphasised his criticisms of Tesla’s self-driving capabilities in a recent CNN interview. He questioned Elon Musk’s claims that software tweaks may enable fully autonomous driving. Wozniak stated that anyone interested in the idea of AI gone astray might think about getting a Tesla, implying that cars with Full Self-Driving (FSD) characteristics could pose significant problems.

Although Wozniak’s word choice may come across as extreme, he does bring up legitimate issues regarding the difficulties with Tesla’s FSD beta, which have resulted in accidents. It’s vital to remember that occurrences involving Tesla’s Autopilot technology have drawn criticism and legal consequences.

Tesla has a history of filing lawsuits, but Wozniak doesn’t seem to be deterred by the possible repercussions. His comments reveal a sincere concern about the dangers that could be posed by AI and autonomous driving technologies. Wozniak’s opinions have value because of his training as an engineer and passion for technology, and they add to the continuing discussion about the creation and use of self-driving systems.

It is crucial to give careful testing, regulation, and openness top priority even while Tesla improves its self-driving technology and addresses safety issues. Wozniak’s viewpoint serves as a reminder of the difficulties inherent in developing completely autonomous vehicles, necessitating the continuation of work by businesses like Tesla to progress AI-driven mobility while guaranteeing traffic safety.

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