Steve Kuhl Designs A Children Room On Pirate Theme and Every Kid Will Love It


We have covered a number of amazing architectural stuff over here at our blog. However, none of them have excited our inner child the way this particular feat has. Most of us have even forgotten how to be happy like a child, to be free of worries and play along!
pirate-ship-bedroomHowever, this feat by Steve Kuhl who is a genius designer and also the CEO of Kuhl Design, brings us that blithe attitude back from the childhood. Steve has recently created a bedroom for his client and it is nothing less than a wonder.

pirate-ship-bedroom12 pirate-ship-bedroom11 pirate-ship-bedroom10Zach is the lucky child who shall be growing up in this room created by Steve Kuhl. Zach’s dad says that he wanted to give a fun childhood  to his child that he never had a chance to experience. The room has been designed in a pirate theme and once you enter the room, you will notice a pirate ship that appears as if it is floating. The ship was crafted by employing ribs of size 2×12 and afterwards, the structure was covered in plywood which was stained to give it the look of a ship with wooden planks.

pirate-ship-bedroom9 pirate-ship-bedroom8 pirate-ship-bedroom7 In order to make it to the bed,  you will be required to cross a rope bridge (is that amazing or what?). Moving ahead, you’ll notice that at the base of the rope bridge there’s a jail where you can lock up your siblings if need be. The ship’s deck supports a crow’s nest which is accessible and children can easily climb up onto it. A guest bed can be incorporated as well. The bedroom has some amazing and fun-packed exits. One may also make use of the slide (spiral) which can be accessed from one of the closets. Then there’s a rope ladder that can be used as well!

pirate-ship-bedroom4 pirate-ship-bedroom3 pirate-ship-bedroom2 pirate-ship-bedroom5When Zach saw the room he was overjoyed and in Steve’s words; ‘The response from the six year old was predictably awesome and sincere. Really there aren’t many moments in my career where I have seen such glee from a client.’

All in all, an amazing feat of designing and architecture and we definitely want this kind of room. Check out the video below for more:


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