Startup Invents A Device That Allows Plants To Talk


Yes! Plants can communicate now!

Vivent SARL is a tech start-up that has designed a device that predicts what the plant feels or thinks. Enter Phytl Signs- a wearable device for plants that enables them to communicate. The device features a stake that gets into the soil next to a plant as well as a clip, which has to be fixed on one of the leaves. Both the parts of the device capture and emit electrical signals. These signals are based on environmental factors that affect the plant e.g. light, dark, pest attack, temperature etc. These signals are then transmitted to the Phytl Signs app on your phone or tablet.

A video of how Phytl Signs Work:

Technically, it is more about interpreting signals given off by your plants than actually having a conversation with them.

Interpreting the Signals:

This device can help us find whether our plant is healthy or not? Is it infested with pests or any disease? Is it wilting or turgid? And some more answers to such similar questions through electrical signals that are collected by Phytl Signs. You need to understand and interpret these signals and what the plant is trying to communicate.

While Vivent SARL says it can collect these signals, it admits that no one knows exactly what they mean just yet. Eventually, by decoding these signals, we could help ensure the ecosystem and plants that live in that ecosystem are thriving.


Future Prospects: 

Now while we do not have talking plants yet, the applications of this technology- if developed- could be endless. There would be more food for the hungry, less plant diseases, less famine and reduced water usage in the agriculture sector . The possibilities are numerous with respect to fields of environment, sustainability, the future of food and agriculture.

Do you think plants can thrive better with this device?

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