Starlink Is Reportedly Helping Ukrainian Drone Units Target Russian Tanks

Ukrainians are harnessing the world wide web, which is provided by Elon Musk’s Starlink transmitters, to strike Russian tanks and trucks at night using drones outfitted with surveillance equipment and anti-tank munitions. When Russia initially invaded Ukraine, authorities begged Musk to activate the spacecraft to guarantee that Ukrainians had a steady connection to the internet. Starlink has supplied hundreds of stations to Ukraine in recent weeks, which have been utilized by Ukrainian authorities who provide daily updates on social media and messaging services like Telegram, as well as average citizens attempting to record the conflict.

How Elon Musk is helping Ukrainian drone unit to destroy Russian tanks

“The connectivity is of exceptional quality,” Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov told the Washington Post. “We use hundreds, if not millions, of terminals, with new stock received every day now.” Aside from keeping civilians accessible during the crisis, the military has found a need for a steady broadband connection. As per The Times of London, the Aerorozvidka specialized air surveillance team can track the drone technology to its destinations owing to Starlink’s uninterruptible internet connection. “If we employ a thermal imaging drone at night, the drone must interface with the artillery person through Starlink and produce target identification,” an Aerorozvidka leader told The Times of London.

Elon Musk's Starlink Helps Ukrainians Control Drones | UAS VISION
Graphic courtesy The Daily Mail

The Ukrainian drone unit employs a ‘Delta’ technology that has been refined in recent years with the assistance of Western consultants. It is accessible via simple computers and includes “situational awareness” software, which generates an online map utilizing photos from drones, satellites, intelligent systems, and devices to form a tangible representation to aid in monitoring the adversary. Drones have given Ukraine’s military a significant advantage in knocking out Russian personnel in recent days. Records of unmanned aerial vehicles’ use include the small drone holders undertaking undisclosed surveillance aircraft in Kyiv at the initiative of the government; community organizations acquiring thousands and thousands of sub-250-gram unmanned vehicles to contribute to Ukrainian troops; and promotional drones being developed and tested to knock Molotov cocktails on attacking forces.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, complimented Ukraine’s detonated pace for opening under Mr. Musk’s guidance. Thus, Starlink is much more renowned in Ukraine for both civilian and military usage. In response to the Ukrainian army’s use of Starlink, it was stated that “This is evident that the West is not always reliable.” Within Ukrainian territory, Russia is attempting to pursue its own strategic interests. At this time, Elon Musk emerged with Starlink, which had earlier been stated to be solely for customer usage.

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