Starlink Internet Is Coming To Hawaiian Airlines Flights – For Free

With a boom in the technological era and constantly evolving customer demands, airlines are now trying to compete on the basis of i-flight service quality. Hawaiin Airlines seems to be a bit more fortunate in this regard, as it has been offered wireless and seamless internet connectivity in-flight by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. This would be accomplished through Starlink satellites, which will soon be operating by 2023. This facility will be free for all passengers, with exceptional speed, and this is now definitely going to make a tough market for its competitors. Thus, Hawaiin Airlines have got a competitive advantage in this case.

Hawaiian signs up with Starlink for free in-flight Wi-Fi | TechCrunch

“Historically, when we looked at our market, we didn’t see a lot of possibilities across the Pacific.” “We don’t have any connection on our aircraft right now,” stated Mannis, Chief Marketing Officer for Hawaiian Airlines. “The possibilities have improved over time, but we waited until there was a product offering… that we believed would stand up to our client’s expectations.” According to Mannis, there are some certifications required even before the Starlink testing phases to use this service on board. Certifications are required in order to ensure the safety of the flight so that the new Starlink system works smoothly and may not hinder with the electrical systems onboard the aircraft.

“But we’re optimistic that there’s a way ahead,” Mannis continued. In the news announcement, Hawaiian’s President and CEO, Peter Ingram, stated, “When we launch with Starlink, we will have the finest connection experience available in the air.” “We had to wait until technology came up to our high standards for visitor experience, but it was well worth the wait.” As of now, Hawaiin Airlines’ passengers have not faced any amenity like free internet, so it will be a major breakthrough for passengers to remain online while traveling from one corner to another corner of the world, i.e., during a cross-Pacific flight.

Hawaiian to offer free Starlink high-speed broadband internet - Airline  Ratings

We must have heard of the phrase, “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” but now there’s one such thing as free internet onboard.

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