Starlink Customers Describe Company’s Customer Service As Absolutely Terrible

When Starlink launched preorders for its satellite internet service in February, it was a great milestone since it can bring quicker speeds and better service to individuals living in remote regions or with poor internet connectivity. However, its terrible customer service is really hindering its progress!

Recently, a few angry Starlink customers have spoken about their problems with the company. The dissatisfied customers claim that the service it delivers is absolutely “appalling” and is of no use. 

The problems include excessively long internet wait times, poor customer support, and a lack of information from the organization regarding when Starlink would be available in their area.

Morgan Pace, a California man who wanted to sign up his 70-year-old father for Starlink service, complained that he had to pay a $100 deposit in return for a two-month internet membership. However, he had to wait ten months before contacting SpaceX to obtain a refund.

“I think Elon is a very smart man and wish him the best, but I think his customer service for Starlink was non-existent,” Pace added.

The pandemic, which has crippled the worldwide supply chain, is one of several reasons why the service is expected to face significant delays. And SpaceX is aware of its havoc on the customer service front.

“Silicon shortages over the last six months have slowed our expected production rate and impacted our ability to fulfil many Starlink orders this year,” Starlink wrote in a November email to customers, apologizing for the situation.

So far, the problem hasn’t gotten any better in the last few months, keeping many clients in the dark.

Elon Musk’s aim for Starlink is high, but it’s petty flaws like these that limit the service’s potential. Customer service troubles are nothing new among Musk-owned companies – Tesla is infamous for having horrible customer support, and Starlink isn’t far behind.

Last September, dissatisfied Starlink customers complained that they couldn’t reach the firm to check on the status of their purchases months after they’d purchased them.

Customers who have resorted to shifting their service area have attempted to contact Starlink through email but have received no response. Musk is keen to expand space exploration and usher in a new era of electric vehicles, but some of his Earth-based customers would like to get a response to their emails.

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