‘Stalker-Proof’ Airtags Are A Lie, Victims Say

Over three dozen victims of alleged stalking incidents involving Apple AirTags have come together to file a class-action lawsuit against the tech giant. The lawsuit, filed in a California court in December 2022, accuses Apple of negligence and claims that AirTags have inadvertently become tools for stalkers, causing significant distress to victims.

AirTags, designed to help locate lost or stolen items, have unfortunately been misused for stalking, resulting in a surge of disturbing reports. The victims argue that Apple failed to take adequate measures to prevent this misuse, despite advertising the AirTags as “stalker-proof.”

Since the initial filing, the plaintiffs have witnessed a concerning increase in the misuse of AirTags for stalking, with more than 150 police reports in the United States alone highlighting the issue. Stalking is often underreported, making the problem potentially more widespread than reported.

The victims come from different regions, but they share a common story of being stalked using AirTags. The misuse of these devices has caused financial ruin and, tragically, even violence, including cases of murder.

One victim, LaPrecia Sanders, shared the heart-wrenching story of losing her son after he was allegedly tracked using an AirTag and met a tragic fate.

The victims believe that Apple should have been more proactive in educating people about the potential dangers of AirTags and should have provided information to law enforcement to help protect those at risk of stalking.

Experts, such as Eva Galperin from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, emphasized that Apple initially rushed AirTags to market without adequately addressing potential risks. While Apple has made some improvements, ongoing vigilance and enhancements are still needed to address the unintentional harm caused by their product.

To sum up, the plaintiffs in this class-action lawsuit are pleading with Apple to move swiftly to stop AirTags from being misused and to spread the word about the possible risks connected to their product. It’s a demand for responsibility as well as an attempt to protect people who could fall prey to stalking due to improper usage of tracking devices.

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