Stainless Steel & Galvanized Steel: Differences And Application

Corrosion irreversibly destroys any metal, which is why metal products completely lose their operational properties, turning into rusty dust and becoming unsuitable for use. Fortunately, modern technology offers effective ways to increase the corrosion resistance of metals, and the most effective of them are alloying and applying protective coatings on the surface to prevent destruction. Alloying is based on the process of adding special additives to the composition of metal and alloys. Due to them, the physicochemical properties of the initial composition and, primarily, its structure, change significantly. Alloy steel is called stainless steel – it is characterized by high wear resistance, strength, ductility, and high resistance to oxidation in aggressive environments. 

Galvanization is another popular method of protecting metal alloys from the effects of corrosive processes. Galvanized steel is made by applying several layers of zinc oxide on the surface of the metal – this prevents the reaction of the metal with oxygen and, as a consequence, its destruction. 

What is steel used for? 

Today, it is very difficult to overestimate the role of steel products in the life of modern society. Every?hot rolled coil manufacturer?can prove it. Sometimes it’s enough to look around, look at the metal household items that we use daily and think about what makes our life easier, more comfortable, and more functional.? 

Steel underlies the activities of any manufacturing, industrial, or construction enterprise – almost all mechanical, electronic and other products, as well as structures and devices with high strength and wear resistance, are made from it. 

What are stainless and galvanized steels for? 

Stainless and galvanized steel are products of the development and modernization of the metallurgical industry. Due to their unique properties, these types of steel have an extensive scope. Among the general advantageous characteristics of stainless steel and galvanizing, it is necessary to highlight their high corrosion resistance and resistance to aggressive environments, which makes it possible to use it in industries where good machinability and exceptional strength. 

Stainless steel 

Stainless steel is a very practical material. Modern metallurgy offers a huge selection of steel grades that can meet the most diverse conditions of use. The chemical composition of steels can vary and directly affects their physical and mechanical properties. Today, almost all over the world, the AISI classification is used for differences in the characteristics of stainless steel (the abbreviation was first used at the American Iron and Steel Institute and is relevant for most manufacturers). 

Galvanized steel 

Like alloying, galvanizing is also carried out to increase the protective properties of the metal and increase the operational life. Most often, galvanized steel is used for construction purposes in the installation of metal structures used to equip roofs, fences, floorings, and fences.? 

The difference between stainless and galvanized steel 

It should be noted that, despite the external similarity, the price difference is very noticeable. Stainless steel is not for nothing called the Queen of steel. Despite its high cost, it has excellent characteristics that form its undeniable advantages: durability, ductility, environmental friendliness, fire safety, high electrical conductivity, ease of processing, and a very attractive appearance. 

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