The Spoon Has Been Reinvented To Make Food More Enjoyable


There is nothing more satisfying than rounding off a delicious meal through licking the last whiff of your favorite gourmet off your fingers. Goûte is a rather peculiar looking spoon that can help you enhance your relationship with food and make it taste better by mimicking the experience of licking your fingers.

It aims to replace regular spoons for eating creamy foods like yogurt, chocolate mousse or honey. The founder company, Michel / Fabian, claim that they have combined art and science together to come up with the design.

Photos: Michel / Fabian

The founders are Dr. Andreas Fabian from Buckinghamshire New University, and Charles Michel, who is an artist, food scientist, and former Michelin-star chef. Together, they wanted to

“enrich the sensual pleasures of eating,”

Thus, they created Goûte to break away from the traditional cutlery designed only for functional purposes.

Goûte resembles a human finger, thus, recreates the feeling of licking the food off your fingers without getting them sticky or greasy.

Photos: Michel / Fabian

Dr. Andreas Fabian further talked about his design,

“Eating with our bare hands, sucking our fingers, or even licking a plate are natural behaviors. Michel / Fabian creates objects that connect us with intuitive and elegant ways of bringing food to the mouth.

Photos: Michel / Fabian

Michel / Fabian uses experimental psychology research to design eating utensils that hack the senses, increasing the sensual pleasure of eating and encouraging people to eat more healthily.”

Michel / Fabian has used rare sciences like gastro-physics and design cutlery to come up with their product ‘Goûte.’ The product is now available on their website priced at £29 ($36) for the glass version and  £19 ($24) for the wooden one.

Photos: Michel / Fabian

These handcrafted spoons have just won a grant of under £5,000 from the Buckinghamshire New University to support the research for the correlation of cutlery and flavor of food, which could lead to further revolutionary designs in the future!

The Goûte’s lickin’ good!

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  1. Peter Reply

    This is without a doubt the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen… use your damn finger if thats what you’re going for! $30 odd bucks for a STICK!

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