SpaceX’s Starship Will Clean Up Space By Chomping Up Debris

Going to the moon and back or traversing through space is not a unique concept in today’s modern world. Various satellites and spaceships have been in and out of space ever since man discovered a way towards the darkness beyond earth. Elon Musk is the most trending name when we think about traveling outside the earth or about space voyages. His recent tweet has created a buzz in the science and research area of space.

We have always heard of spaceships being sent to the outside and left there for exploring more. Some of them are even left outside because signals or control are lost. They just either continue orbiting astray or simply float around in the void. There are also multiple parts of space crafts that are released either voluntarily or involuntarily that are flowing in space. All of these astray objects bits and pieces are still in space.

This debris is a big source of pollution in outer space. Moreover, a more appalling concern of the scientists and researchers is that these random objects may collide with one another and create a destructive blast. Besides, this debris can also come in contact with our planet and result in unpleasant collisions and devastating consequences.

These concerns are addressed well by a recent tweet of Elon Musk which states: ‘Yes, we can fly Starship around space & chomp up debris with the moving fairing door.’ This statement depicts the potential of cleaning up the debris and random objects from space in the new Starship X. The spaceship can open its gates, hold the objects as cargo and bring it back to the earth. Earlier, the President of the project also stated that it is feasible to use the Starship to clean up the waste left in space. Its 16-story preliminary project is launched already. Now the progress is underway for the 23-story one.

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