SpaceX Just Revealed A Blooper Video Of Its Space Missions And It Is Hilarious

Everything that goes up into space comes back in the annihilated form. Every time you wish for a trip to the moon, you gotta build a new spaceship. SpaceX just made history by getting its Falcon 9 rocket to land back and be recycled. The success happened after a long time of failures and mishaps.

A rocket failure is neither funny nor hilarious, especially if you are on the side of its launch. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been at that end, and fortunately, they took it all in good humor. A blooper reel might be considered a conventional humor if it comes from the movie-makers, but when it comes from a rocket launch, you gotta give some credit to that space company.

The first stage rocket booster is the most expensive one, mostly for its nine mighty engines. In case anyone is preparing to land one back, SpaceX has some amusing suggestions for them. Here is the video that was made a hundred times better with the background music. It is not the Looney Tunes guys! Or is it? Whatever!

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