SpaceX Is Preparing To Launch SN15 For A Second Time

SpaceX Starship SN15 is preparing for its second take-off venture following its previous successful launch and landing.

The Starship will become the first prototype to take to the air twice as per Elon Musk. The CEO of the space venture company announced on Twitter that the rocket ship is getting ready for its second launch.

Musk’s announcement urges the question that “will SN15 become the first prototype of the SpaceX to fly twice?” The previous maiden successful launch and landing of the probe came just a week ago and was a success despite the small and contained fire after the landing of the aircraft, rest, the take-off, and landing took place without any glitches.

A week ago, SN15 Starship’s first successful launch and landing was a moment of pride for SpaceX, however, the rocket ship’s launching to the air task hasn’t been completed yet, with Musk announcing on Twitter that it will take to the air again.

The multi-billionaire Tweeted, “the company “might try to refly SN15 soon,” coming as an early sign that the starship for the Moon and Mars will come into reusability for ventures to space, coming right after its maiden successful launch.

The 165-foot SN15 Starship went up to an altitude of 6.2 miles in the previous week in the skies of the SpaceX test site located in South Texas. The taking-off isn’t what makes this launch a success. Rather the maiden successful first landing is what made things special, as previously, four starships took to the air but weren’t able to make the right landing.  

The latest success of the SpaceX SN15 Starship and its landing down on the test site comes taking humans a step closer to Moon and Mars. Elon Musk said that it is a major moment after the company’s efforts to bring the first humans to the Moon and Mars. Stating of an iterative approach to rocket building in a Tweet, he said, “the fundamental technology revolution needed to make life multi-planetary.”

Many of the Starship prototypes will take off in the future, many of which will come into action repeatedly, taking the successful landing of the SN15 rocket into perspective and thinking on the lines of future possibilities. After the second launch and expected safe landing, the SN15 will become the first full-scale prototype to fly twice. A Tweet by Musk in March stated, “hundreds of design improvements across structures, avionics/software, and engine.”

Scientists and researchers are waiting anxiously for the rocket ship’s second run in the air, as it would be the first from SpaceX to do so. For now, experts are making due guesses on the SN15’s second hop that either if it will launch and land smoothly the second time too or not.

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