SpaceX Gave A Very Interesting Assortment Of Items To The Space Tourists – Including Sedatives And Zipties

So you’re telling me, space travelers losing their minds in movies can happen in real too?

SpaceX recently launched its all-human private crew, the Inpiration4 into orbit, onboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft, breaking all previous records of Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin’s highest altitude traveled by human astronauts. The four civilians spent three days in the Earth’s orbit and took in all the incredible views that space had to offer to them.

Three days is a long time to be away from your home planet, surrounded by nothing but space and have only 3 other random people to rely on. This is why NASA and SpaceX have taken adequate steps to ensure that the astronauts don’t face any dangers, even from among themselves. Among the huge list of equipment carried by the space tourists, restraints and drugs are also included in the package to sedate any passenger in case of emergencies. “They also have to prepare for worst-case scenarios like someone on the crew becoming a danger to themselves or others. There are zip ties and medication on board in case somebody needs to be sedated,” reported by Miriam Kramer, Axios space reporter. Wow that sounds stressful…

It seems like NASA has always been prepared for situations like these as far as 2001, in case an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) would become a danger to themselves or others. In an official set of procedures obtained from the agency, the crew members are instructed to bind the belligerent astronaut’s wrists and ankles with duct tape and inject them with tranquilizers if required. “Talk with the patient while you are restraining him,” the procedures instruct. “Explain what you are doing and that you are using a restraint to ensure that he is safe.”

If that scenario freaked you out, then worry not as an incident like this is very unlikely to occur as all astronauts undergo rigorous psychological analysis before they’re accepted on board. So if you’re planning on joining the space team, you should know how to keep your cool.

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