Space Tourists On A SpaceX Flight Will Be Served Special Meals Prepared By A Famous Chef

Celebrity food will be served on the first all-private expedition to the International Space Station. This spring, a bounty of delectable foods will be delivered to the International Space Station on a SpaceX cargo capsule. José Andrés, the creator of the organization World Central Kitchen, which provides food to disaster-stricken places, will cater to the first crew taken into space by Houston-based Axiom Space. Andrés announced in a tweet that the four members of the Ax-1 mission, which is set to fly on a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft no later than April 3, will consume “paella, pisto with cerdo, jamón ibérico, Marcona almonds, and much more.”

It's Dinner Time on the Space Station. Lobster or Beef Bourguignon? - The  New York Times

Paella, a complicated rice porridge, that frequently incorporates seafood, to the International Space Station is not the first occasion NASA has delivered good meals to the space station. While the family supper will no longer be cooked on the huge pan, astronauts will continue to eat from the same portions. Its purpose is to bring the crew united.

In circumstances like these, Andrés mentioned in an earlier tweet on Wednesday, “we need to join together just to recognize our common values.” Participating in longer conversations, sharing, and understanding that we all share the same earth. That’s the essence of the Space Station and enjoying paella within the same pan. “

“Some would argue, ‘Until we send humans to the stars, we should cure every concern on Earth.’ I believe the opposite is true. ” In the Twitter video, he stated. Andrés’s ambition is for humanity to go on interplanetary missions to actually fix “almost all of the challenges that we see on Earth nowadays.”

Andrés enlisted the help of a product development team to provide delectable space food for the Ax-1 crew. Private space flyers will almost certainly enjoy better cuisine than the Apollo missions, which grumbled about the insipid food provided in the 1960s and 1970s. In the same video, Charisse Grey, head of research and development at ThinkFoodGroup, the business behind the Andrés restaurants, said: “As a chef, my job is to satisfy your dining requirements.” Andrés expressed his gratitude for being chosen to prepare for the Ax-1 expedition, which will spend around eight days on the space station. “This gets me quite thrilled. Because our cosmos has no limitations, an astronaut symbolizes freedom to me. “

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