This South Korean Artist Transforms Her Face Into Optical Illusions Using Makeup


Dain Yoon, 24 years of age, is already a master of creating optical illusions. She uses only makeup, face paint, and brushes on her own face and body as a canvas for mind-boggling effects. Her talent for painting was obvious from a very young age and she studied at some very prestigious art schools in South Korea which include Yewon Arts Secondary, Seoul Arts High School, and Korean National University of Arts. Instead of pursuing a regular career in arts, she focused on illusion art. Illusion art is the modern form of art which has proven to be very popular thanks to the social media.

Three years ago, when she started posting pictures of her optical illusions on Instagram, she blew everyone’s mind since no one has been able to achieve that level of realism so far. People who created the art previously made use of software like Photoshop. The way she achieves the complex visual effects like blurred vision or distorted features using only makeup and face paint was extremely impressive.

People started noticing her and soon she had thousands of followers on her social media and also appeared on Ellan. The realism she brings in her work takes a lot of effort. Last year, Dain Yoon told Allure Magazine that spending hours sitting in front of the mirrors to get every detail right is very difficult and also makes her dizzy at times. She spends between 3 to 12 hours to turn herself into a living, breathing optical illusion, depending on the complexity of the project.

Giving an interview to Allure she said, “Looking through the reflection of the mirror and the view angle on cameras differ. Thus, solely relying on mirrors to paint give distorted views on photos because I am capturing three-dimensional subject on two dimensions.” Dain Yoon is still the internet’s premier illusion art master and shares her spot with equally talented Mimi Choi on the social media.

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