Sony Creates New Contact Lenses That Can Record Video, Store It And Play It Back

Sony has introduced intelligent contact lenses that can record and play video with just the blink of an eye! The Japanese tech giant has filed a patent for the technology and revealed how the smart lenses use movements of the eyelids as triggers for its various functions, as reported by CW33.

The invention includes the camera, a wireless processing unit, and even a storage unit. This would allow the lens to store the video to be retrieved at a later time.

Sony’s smart contacts use sensors to detect closing of the eyelids, and depending on how long the eyelids are closed, it would distinguish between blinking and a signal.

‘It is known that a time period of usual blinking is usually 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds, and therefore it can be said that, in the case where the time period of blinking exceeds 0.5 seconds, the blinking is conscious blinking,’ the patent application reads.

So, in essence, the camera can be switched on and off just by closing your eyelids! An app can also be used to control the contacts. The resulting black screen from the closing of the eyelids is also detected by Sony’s lenses which can be deleted later on to ensure seamless video.

Users can also use preset eyelid movements to activate other functions,

‘For example, the operation input is such that the user presses an end of the eyelid two times in a state in which the eyelid is closed,’ the patent application states.

The contacts are capable of taking photos, correcting blurry ones and allow autofocus, zooming, and aperture controls.

It seems as though the time when anything and everything can be filmed on the fly isn’t too far away!

Watch the video below and be prepared to be mesmerized!

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