Someone Made A Sofa Drifting Vehicle – And It Is Utterly Ridiculous

In a delightful convergence of innovation and whimsy, two individuals from the UK have captured the attention of Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Indian automobile firm Mahindra, with their ingenious transformation of a conventional sofa into a motorized vehicle. The chairman, known for his interest in garage innovations, shared a three-year-old video on X (previously Twitter) showcasing the remarkable DIY project that has since gone viral.

The video, documented under the YouTube handle Mekdev, reveals the entire journey of converting a simple recliner sofa from Ikea into a fully functional motorized vehicle. The creators utilized 3D modeling and basic equipment to incorporate a Briggs and Stratton 9 horsepower motor within the sofa’s structure. The engine powers the rear axle through a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and the sofa’s design, akin to a go-kart, features a shortened rear axle for enhanced maneuverability.

The steering mechanism, operated by a lever, allows for smooth navigation and precise control over acceleration and braking through two handles. The resulting product is a remarkably maneuverable and enjoyable-to-drive sofa that comfortably accommodates two occupants.

The video not only showcases the sofa cruising on the motorway but also executing drifting maneuvers with remarkable ease. As a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, it demonstrates impressive performance capabilities, deviating from conventional vehicle design norms.

Anand Mahindra, in his X post, acknowledged the project as a “fun project” but emphasized the passion and engineering effort invested in it. He expressed his desire to witness the reaction of India’s Regional Transport Office (RTO) when the creators attempt to register their unique vehicle.

In just a few days, the video has received a great deal of attention, accumulating close to 490K views and 8.9K likes. Remarks on the YouTube video and Mahindra’s post praise the designers’ inventiveness and emphasize how garage efforts like these help a nation’s reputation in the car sector. This motorized couch is proof of the ability of driven engineers to change the world and their quest for creative solutions, even in the most unlikely places.

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