Someone Just Recreated Albert Einstein

Ever wanted to talk to Albert Einstein? Ask why he invented the energy mass formula? And why you had to learn them in school? Well, say no more. You can now chat with the mad genius online. When I say recreated I don’t mean someone cloned Albert Einstein but they did create a fully voiced Artificial Intelligence that acts like him and talks like him.

The Artificial Intelligence was made under a joint collaboration with audio mastering tech companies Alforithmic and UneeQ, a specialist from Digital Humans. Their work may just let science and physics enthusiasts chat and talk with the man who revolutionized physics itself. The educational applications are many, talking with a historical figure and learning about his life and research from the person themself.

The goal of this collaboration was to create something that could answer any and all questions about Einstein, his views, his ideas, and his research while feeling like you’re talking to an actual person and not a machine programmed to talk like him. When reporters asked Aflorithmic that how did they figure out what Einstein sounded like, they replied that “The answer is: most people don’t know and they likely don’t even care. What they do care about is being able to understand him easily, and that they feel like they are interacting with Einstein”.

You can check out this video below introducing the new Einstein.

Since they didn’t know what Einstein sounded like, the team had to take some liberties. They knew that he would have had a thick German accent with a high pitch. What old recordings they had at hand weren’t of much use as they often showed an accent too strong to be used online. So they recreated the voice themselves and the final result was a soft-spoken English speaking man with a German accent.

This really shows how far Artificial Intelligence can come to mimicking human emotion and mode of speech. Making sure Einstein would reply correctly like a human with a good response time. No one wants to wait 10 seconds for each reply.

According to Aflorithmic, “It really shows the way to what conversational AI can be and goes far beyond chatbots or customer service. Education can become more engaging and comprehensive, social commerce will help customers find the product that best fits their needs and even loneliness and therapy could be revolutionized by conversational AI. Voice cloning plays a major role in it”.

Herr Einstein. You can talk to him here.

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