Someone Just Leaked The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ahead Of It’s July Reveal

Samsung’s next Galaxy Z Fold 6 has been shown through a fresh leak, ahead of its anticipated July release. After being the only company in the foldable market for a while, Samsung is now up against more and more competition from companies like OnePlus, Google, and Motorola, all of whom have released foldable smartphones in the last year. Although some of these rivals have smartphones with strong technical advantages, it appears from the leaked photos of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 that Samsung is staying true to its tried-and-true folding recipe.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is believed to have adopted the Galaxy S24 design instead of Samsung’s 2023 smartphones’ rounded design, which makes one of the most striking changes in this device. The product is a dual-screen, as before, but it has a cover display on the front and a foldable display inside, which measure 6.2 inches and 7.6 inches respectively. Moreover, its overall size has also changed slightly, with sources suggesting it will be shorter by about 1.4mm and wider by about 2.6mm than the Fold 5 model.

It appears that Samsung wants to keep the Z Fold 6’s display ratio moderate so that the cover display is not too big; at the same time, it should allow seeing all elements of applications and working with them effectively on a larger folding screen. The device is said to run on a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, have 12 or 16 GB of RAM, and boast the camera arrangement that we have previously seen in the Fold 5.

The images that have emerged are not official renders, but they are based on accurate leaked CAD data meant for accessory makers. In July 2024, Samsung is anticipated to formally introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 6, with a planned August release date.

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