Someone Is Selling A Robot Dog With A Flamethrower Attached To It

Throwflame, a company known for its expertise in flamethrowers, is making headlines with its latest creation: a robot dog equipped with a flamethrower. Named the Thermonator, this fiery quadrupedal robot is set to be released in Throwflame’s upcoming fiscal quarter, and the company has already started accepting registrations from potential buyers.

Visually, the Thermonator bears a striking resemblance to Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, Spot. However, it should be noted that Boston Dynamics explicitly prohibits customers from using their robots in any way that could potentially cause harm. Speculation suggests that the Thermonator’s design might be based on the Unitree Go1 robotic dog, offering a similar framework but with Throwflame’s ARC Flamethrower integrated into it. This flamethrower grants the robot dog an impressive range of up to 30 feet when spewing flames. While pricing details are yet to be disclosed, a Throwflame spokesperson has urged interested parties to stay tuned for further updates.

To give some context, the Unitree Go1, upon which the Thermonator is based, generally costs between $2,700 and $3,500. Meanwhile, Throwflame’s ARC Flamethrower is priced at around $699 to $899. It remains to be seen how these costs will be factored into the final pricing of the Thermonator.

The announcement of a flamethrower-equipped robot dog has ignited discussions and raised concerns about safety and potential misuse. Critics argue that such a product could pose significant risks if mishandled or employed irresponsibly. Supporters, on the other hand, might envision practical applications for the Thermonator in certain industries, such as agriculture or firefighting, where controlled fire is necessary.

As the Thermonator prepares to enter the market, its release is likely to generate further debate and scrutiny. With its combination of cutting-edge robotics and flamethrowing capabilities, this unique creation pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of technological innovation. Only time will tell how the Thermonator is received and how Throwflame addresses any concerns that may arise regarding its usage and safety.

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