Someone Is Making An Entire Movie Using Footage Generated By AI

In today’s world of technology, it is impossible to think of technological innovation without the use of artificial intelligence. You will be thrilled to know that a German tech entrepreneur, Fabian Stelzer, who apparently has no basic knowledge or experience in filmmaking or AI, has stepped up to develop an exceptional movie named “Salt,” which will feature generative AI-based art models. One of the most interesting details about the movie is that it will contain all AI-based voices except for Stelzer, who will feature his own voice. As already noted, the audio and visual effects will also be based on generative art models.

It’s exciting to see what’s in the pipeline, and we can analyze it from the teasers that Stelzer posts on his Twitter to mark the current progress of the movie. From the teaser, it can be observed that the film is about space travelers who just witnessed the discovery of a new planet from the “overgrowth of bizarre salt”. However, apart from just directing the film by himself, Stelzer is giving his followers an opportunity to suggest to him some good directions to ensure flexibility in ideas, and he describes this as “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

According to Stelzer, “I definitely want to have a ‘Director’s Cut’ at some point, or a ‘Community’s Cut,’ but the real goal is to transcend the medium of film into something new. Like, enable everyone in the community to eventually use a model that lets them write their own scenes.” He further stated, “We’re on the verge of a new era, really. To me, this is as big as the invention of photography, and to be honest, maybe as big as the invention of writing. ” However, as of now, we know very little about the specifications of the project, but one thing to notice is that it is edging closer as time passes by, and this is exciting.

Coupled with this, Stelzer is making full use of applications like DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney to make this project super-cool and capable enough of being regarded as a “showstopper.” He said, “All big things start as experiments,” and we do agree with him by seeing his sheer determination and interest in making this project a blockbuster.

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