Someone Has Managed To Hide A Computer Playing Doom Inside A Candy Bar


As we know, Halloween is just around the corner, and this marks the beginning of the trick-or-treat era. This implies that parents have to be more careful now regarding their children so that they might not be getting candy bars embedded with razor blades or needles from strangers. Considering the situation, a New York-based hardware company, Adafruit, has recently released a video ad demonstrating that they have developed an all-time favorite “Milky Way” candy bar with an inserted video game “Doom” playing inside it. However, they have alerted the parents through this ad that their children might get a chocolate bar with “Doom” running inside it, so they have to be careful. Watch this intriguing video given below:

The video says, “Adafurit would like to remind parents this Halloween to please carefully inspect your kids’ candy. We found Doom running inside this Milky Way bar.” This is quite interesting to watch but we don’t think that it’s a real chocolate bar because of its “shiny plastic” structure that is evident in the video. Hence, we can say that the company has created a fake milky way candy bar and integrated the videogame “Doom” inside it to give parents an overview of the situation that is going to happen in the upcoming Halloween. It should be noted that “Doom” is a 1993 first-person shooter video game that made great strides in the gaming world at that time.

Not to mention, the video is doing the rounds on the internet and the chocolate bar has been regarded as the “Candy of Doom”. There are a lot of examples in which you might have witnessed how people used different techniques and funny tricks to play “Doom” inside different weird things. In one such case, a John Deere Tractor had been seen playing “Doom” inside it. Similarly, you would be amazed to know that “Doom” was also being played on a computer that was built entirely inside another game known as “Minecraft”. Now, this is really hilarious to witness! And this thing will blow your mind. It has been noted that “Doom” was also being played inside another “Doom”. Mind-blown!

Hence, we can’t wait to witness other exciting things within which “Doom” could be played but just to be on the safe side, parents should keep a strict eye on their children in this regard.


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