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Someone Has Created A Fully-Functioning Wooden Cybertruck

A group of skilled engineers based in Vietnam has crafted an impressive, nearly full-scale wooden model of the Tesla Cybertruck. This remarkable endeavor is documented in a 20-minute video capturing 100 days of dedicated work. Led by woodworker Tr??ng V?n ??o, the team began by constructing a sturdy metal frame, meticulously covering it with tailor-made wooden panels. The final product is not only varnished but also electrically motorized, bearing a striking resemblance to Tesla’s iconic Cybertruck.

The attention to detail in this wooden replica is nothing short of astonishing. The replica even includes a wooden version of the “Cyberquad,” mirroring the small ATV showcased during the initial unveiling of the Cybertruck four years ago.

While this wooden masterpiece is not the first Cybertruck model we’ve seen, it stands out due to its level of detail and craftsmanship. In contrast, Tesla has faced delays in transforming its Cybertruck concept into a real-world pickup, despite announcing the vehicle over four years ago. The much-anticipated delivery event is still weeks away.

In a letter attached to his video, Tr??ng V?n ??o expressed his admiration for Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, despite the company’s challenges. He maintained faith in Musk’s vision and Tesla’s capabilities, believing that the Cybertruck would ultimately succeed.

The inventor wrote that he’s “aware that Tesla has faced its share of challenges in bringing the Cybertruck to fruition.”

“However, I maintain unwavering faith in your vision and the capabilities of Tesla,” he added. “I am confident that this extraordinary vehicle will ultimately succeed.”

The engineering prowess and meticulous workmanship displayed in this wooden Cybertruck replica highlight the dedication and attention to detail that went into its creation. This raises the question of whether Tesla and Musk could learn valuable lessons from Tr??ng’s craftsmanship as they work to bring their own Cybertruck to market.

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