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22 Things People in Japan Love But Are Too Weird For Rest Of The World

Japan. Need we say more? The land of the rising sun is also known as the land of most bizarre incidents. Check out the following 20 items that will leave you speechless and kind of scarred.

1. Hilarious.

2. Happy Halloween? (I hope)

3. Because regular water just has too many calories

4. If you’re that sick, maybe just stay home

5. Ummmmm

6. I hope the ad explains what to do about your cold feet

7. These guys are huge bowling fans8. NOPE. DEAD. DONE.

9. Japanese Game show.

10. Just a casual walk in the park

11. What kind of monstrous fowl created this egg log!?

12. Doritos Ad!


14. This is the Japanese version of coke heads

15. This is how poop feels.

16. I’m sorry, WHAT!?

17. A game show?

18. Yeah, we know!

19. Why?

20. Fake pillow wife!

21. No more noodle dripping.

22. What is this sport?

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