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Watch This 757 Land Sideways On The Runway Due To Strong Wind

757 plane landed sideways in UK

Captain Brenda Riepsaame Wassink from TUI Airways had proved recently how tricky the air travel can be when she was forced to land during a storm with strong force winds in Bristol, UK. The Captain used a technique called crabbing to land the plane sideways. She was able to land through Storm Callum by utilizing crabbing. Boeing 757-200 had its nose still in the air when the landing was made. To use the crabbing technique, the pilot needs to carefully align the aircraft with the runway and then land at an angle according to the intensity of wind.

To pilot is required to angle the nose and use the “trial and error or experience to determine how much crab is needed to fly a straight ground track to the runway successfully.” TUI released a statement after the incident stating, “We’re very proud of TUI Airways Captain Brenda Riepsaame Wassink.” TUI said that the successful landing in an adverse weather condition shows how skilled and well trained our TUI Airways pilots are. Watch the video below to see how the landing was made possible by the pilot.

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