Someone Asked AI How The Last Selfie Ever Taken Would Look Like – And They Are Absolutely Horrifying

Have you ever asked yourself what could be the last selfie of the world look like? Or would it even possible to take a selfie? Well, you will be amazed to know that an AI image depicting the “end of times” has been revealed by a platform known as “Open AI”, and it looks like an absolute blast. It all happened when a Tiktoker with the username “@robotoverloards” insisted the mentioned AI company to release the selfies marking an apocalypse. The account has also been related to exploring such things and even has its bio written as “daily disturbing AI-generated images”.

The system “DALLE-E 2” was used for the making of these selfies, which was incorporated by “OpenAI.” However, the user hasn’t mentioned the specific details about which text-to-images AI system has been used for this aspect. After taking a look at the specifications, one of the commentators regarded the selfies “as if they were made with Midjourney, a self-described small self-funded team focused on design, human infrastructure, and AI.” Given below is an embedded Tiktok video (part 6) that depicts life after death according to AI:


Besvara @domcorpo Asking an Ai your requests Part 6:Photos taken after death/in afterlife #afterlife #death #religion#ai#midjourney #dalle2

? It’s Just a Burning Memory – The Caretaker

The selfies went viral because of their unique nature. They depict life after death, but it’s quite different than we could ever imagine. They have heavenly backgrounds and are mostly captured in front of flowers and sunshine-filled clouds. Not only this, one of the pictures, as you can see below, contains an angel standing in front with a hand full of flowers. People in the comments section showed interest in these fascinating images and said that angels might be good friends in the hereafter, after seeing the demonstration of this AI-based software.

On the other hand, one of the users commented, “Interesting that it gave a bouquet to the first person.” In a broader perspective, Part 6 of the video depicting AI-based selfies generally gives a positive perception of life after death and generates positive vibes that is a warm sight for the users. Moreover, another user claimed, “I’m okay with this.” This shows that the viewers are now quite happy after seeing the horrible AI-based selfies at the time of the apocalypse in the previous parts. But this part is filled with serenity that incorporates skeletons with flowers in their hands and angels with fascinating clouds behind them.

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