Somebody Is Mysteriously Working On A Privately Owned Space Station

Collins Aerospace, a sub-division of military and aerospace contractor Raytheon Technologies, is running environmental control and life support technologies for a “privately owned and operated low Earth orbit outpost,” according to SpaceNews.

Currently, millions are being spent on the development of a commercial existence in space. The firm was given a $2.6 million contract by a peculiar unknown customer. Notably, it’s a hint that the race to commercial orbit is gradually increasing.

According to SpaceNews, the Collins work includes machines with temperature and pressure controlling systems in space, allowing a long-lasting human presence.

The company’s sub-division has prior experience, to begin with. In addition, it is situated behind the International Space Station’s current water recovery system.

Shawn Macleod, Collins Aerospace’s director of business development, told SpaceNews that “as more private industry destinations become available, the demand for life support systems will increase.”

There is zero possibility that the mysterious unknown worker is Axiom Space, according to SpaceNews‘ analysis. The private space company based in Houston is aiming to build its own commercial space station.

In addition, the company also revealed the squad for the world’s first all-private mission into orbit aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft in January,

However, it’s still unclear who is behind the Collins contract. Is Axiom Space the real culprit? For now, we have no idea. The company has reportedly refused SpaceNews‘ request for comment.

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