SolarWindow Coating Can Turn Any Window into a Solar Panel


One of the main problems with the Solar technology is the not-in-my-backyard thinking which means that people don’t want it ruining their place. There have been many technologies developed in order to address this problem like the Solar paint, the solar walls and now the solar windows. They have been designed in such a way that they still look great and they can still generate an ample amount of electricity. In this way, the aesthetics and design of house aren’t disturbed and the house still appears lit up by the windows instead of being totally blackened out if solar panels were to be placed there.

All it takes to convert your window into clean energy provider is the SolarWindow’s special coating that can be easily applied to the windows. When it sets into place, it forms these visible grids on the glass surface which are just like the ones found on solar panels but since they are transparent, it doesn’t carry the same look. So much that they just look like random designs of the window more than anything else. Not only they are good to look at, the SolarWindow company is claiming that they will be¬†generating more energy than the rooftop panels we are using nowadays. That is a big claim considering they are partly transparent and the technology is still in its early phases.


This technology could revolutionise the solar technology since it can then be applied to glass buildings and even skyscrapers. With the help of this, they can generate energy on their own instead of having huge panels from which light can’t pass through. The amount of energy produced by a solarized Burj Khalifa must be sizeable enough to provide for its entire needs and may amount to double digit megawatts.

The product is till under development and you can track its progress through their website. The company claims that they can make it ready in the next four years. So, next time you design windows for a new house, be sure to place them where a lot of energy can be captured!

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