Solar Window Socket Is Innovation At Its Best

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Scientists are already working hard for finding renewable energy sources and to achieve maximum yield from those that have been found already. For instance, solar power has come a long way from just being a theory to something which is practically being used today by so many people in a variety of ways.
Window SocketHowever, usually it requires a large assembly of panels to generate power through solar energy. The basic idea is to either make use of photovoltaic panels or solar thermal power stations. However, there are smaller alternatives for say, charging your gadgets.

Window Socket 2The gadget was designed by Boa Oh and Kyuho Song and is known as Window Socket. It made its debut in 2013 and is more than just amazing. The key idea is to stick it to the window by making use of the plastic suction plug. It has a photovoltaic cell on one side (the one which faces the window) and a power plug on the opposite face. This standard power plug is powered by the photovoltaic cell which uses the sunlight coming through the window. Speaking of battery capacity, the gadget has a small battery capacity; 1000mAh. This battery is charged fully by the photovoltaic cell in around 5-8 hours and is dependent upon the intensity of sunlight. Once fully charged, it can provide enough power to keep your small devices running for 10 hours. Once you unplug the cable, the electricity usage ceases.

Window Socket 4There is another similar device like Window Socket in the market as well which is known as Ray Solar Charger unit. The only basic difference with this gadget and Window Socket is that Ray Solar Charger unit makes use of a USB cable to transfer power, unlike the Window Socket which makes use of a power plug. The basic functionality is the same though, allowing the users to make use of sunlight to charge/run their small devices as easily as counting 1, 2 and 3. The gadget can be attached to any window surface be it the window of a home, car or airplane!
You can get a similar solar phone charger here:  Solar Window Charger for iPhone 5 Galaxy S4 S3 Note 2 (Silver)

Check out the video below for more on details:

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  1. Kenny Reply

    Assuming this is only good for low voltage. Talking 5 volts probably. No way it can be line voltage which would actually be useful.

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