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Sol Motors Will Launch Pocket Rocket Motorbike At INTERMOT

The urban population around the globe is expected to increase further and cross record numbers in a few years. The industry leaders are searching for systems and products that can optimize the limited amount of space available in the future. There has been a rise in the urban farming initiatives such as to use shipping containers as building dormitories, which is one of the creative solution put forward by industries. Apart from the living areas, mobility is also revolutionizing. As the population will increase, more stress will be on the existing public transportation system. Seeing that requirement, products that can enhance convenience and sustainability for the commuters are also boasting.

An impressive example of this is the Pocket Rocket bike which is created by Stuttgart-based Sol Motors. The commuter bike stands as a testament to the importance of smart, well-balanced engineering and design. The company says that their product cannot be classified as an e-bike or a moped and referred to the bike as “the perfect urban commuter vehicle.” It can achieve a balance between elegance and practicality because of its lightweight aluminum frame and weighs only 55 kgs. There are two versions of the bike available depending on the choice of the users. One is the Pocket Rocket S or L1e which can reach the top speed of 50km/h and runs on six horsepower, and the other one is Pocket Rocket L3e which can reach 80km/h and runs on 8.5 horsepower. The L3e will be unveiled at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle Fair in Koln next week.

Other than the efficient design of the bike, some specs include a supporting app which is available for both iOS and Android, an 82cm saddle height for comfortable ride for the commuters, three dynamic modes including sport, eco, and wheelie, a regenerative braking system for increased range which is combined with a hydraulic braking system, and a maximum torque of 150nm. The proof of the success of the product is that the industry has started taking notice of it. The company has also received the German Design Award as well as the European Product Design Award.

The company itself sees the Pocket Rocket as a motorbike which will transform the transportation experience for the commuters in urban spaces. The website of the company states, “The Pocket Rocket stands out due to the innovative synergy of lightweight design, performance, and connectivity. The clear and contemporary design incorporates technology with a functional lifestyle for a modern riding experience. It’s not an e-bike: it’s too fast. It’s not a moped: it has no pedals. It’s a ‘noped,’ defining a new category of electric two-wheelers. The Pocket Rocket is the perfect urban commuter vehicle.” This indicates that we are on track to meet the increasing demands of the urban transport which will transform the landscape of every major city.