Kalashnikov Unveils An Electric Motorbike For The Russian Military

Kalashnikov has had some busy days as they recently introduced a hoverbike as well as a mini drone tank. The name you usually associate with the famous Ak-47 assault rifle is now venturing into the field of electric motorbikes. The electric motorbike was debuted at the Army 2017 International Military-Technical Forum in Moscow, Russia. The company introduced two versions of the bikes, one for military use and the other for the police force.

Not many details are available for the electric motorbike. Kalashnikov, however, released a video demonstrating the military version of the bike in action and we have an idea of the specifications and capability from that. First look at the motorbike shows that the company was not influenced in any way by the latest trends in bike making.

Old is gold. That is the philosophy the gun makers seem to be following as they equipped the electric motorbike with basics such as flip switches, indicator lights, and a vintage speedometer. The military version of the bike has a range of 100km and is similar to a dirt bike model, accompanying a gun rack to store your Ak-47.

(Source: YouTube)

The other motorbike, blue and white in color is meant for the police and fifty of these bikes will be used next year as Russia hosts the Football World Cup of 2018. These bikes have a range of 150 km. “Later they are planned to be used at mass events such as bicycle parades and marathons, as well as in park and nature protection zones: VDNKh, Tsaritsyno, and Poklonnaya Hill. This measure is expected to improve the ecological state in the city told the head of the Moscow traffic police Viktor Kovalenko to M24.ru,” says the company website.

(Source: Kalashnikov Media)

The video below shows the military version of the electric motorbike in action. The rider unplugs the bike from a charging station and takes it out into a desert terrain.

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