Socratic Is Free App That Will Help You Do Your Homework In A Snap


For every homework you get, you look for the answers in different books or may even seek help from a tutor. Don’t worry, all of your problems are gone now. Here comes the Socratic, a digital tutor right in your pocket. It is an app that gives you answers to all the questions along with an explanation.

The app uses artificial intelligence to identify the information that you need, from just a picture. To answer your problem step-by-step, it returns explainers and videos. Cutting-edge computer vision technologies are used that read the questions from images. Machine learning algorithms built on millions of sample questions identify the relevant concepts to answer the questions appropriately.

Source: Emerging EdTech

There were a lot of apps on the market that used to solve simple mathematical problems by taking a picture of them.

Source: Socratic

Socratic is different; it does not only solve mathematical problems but answers questions to as many as 23 subjects that include Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, English, Psychology, and History. The firm plans to add more wide-ranging subjects such as Music Theory and Robotics.

Source: Tech Xplore

The best thing about the app is that instead of providing specific answers to questions, it provides an in-depth understanding of the concept.

Socratic may identify problems using artificial intelligence, but it relies on expert teachers to solve the problems. If you know about something, you can go to their website and help to answer the questions.

Source: Building Socratic

It may not include the solution of some of your problems yet, but shortly, you will most definitely be able to do your homework in a snap using this free app. Unfortunately, you still have to solve your exam yourself as there will be no Socratic to help you with the difficult head-spinning questions.

Bad news for the Android users, the app is available only on iOS.


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