Socage Emerges The First Italian Manufacturer To Produce 100m Of Working Height

Recently, Socage emerged as the first Italian company to produce a platform of 100m of working height at the GIS 8th Exhibition. The award was given to Socage at the “La Giura deli Italyplatform 2021” which conferred the Dellano Product Category Award for truck-mounted vehicles up to 20m. 

Aside from that award, the Socage Company also received other awards during the occasion. No doubt, Socage has made a remarkable impact manufacturing sophisticated bucket trucks in Italy.

The award was received by a top executive member of Socage.

The Smart Innovations that Earned Socage awards during the GIS Exhibition

Socage has been in the business of making truck buckets for a while. But their recent innovations earned them numerous awards during the GIS Exhibition held recently. Two of the notable innovations that earned Socage an award are:

  • Forste 100 TJJ

The Socage Forste 100 TJJ was launched recently. This amazing bucket truck has a 100m working height and several safety features. Also, the Socage Forste 100 TJJ performance is awesome.

Not to mention, the Socage Fortse 100 TJJ shows that the company can satisfy the high-rise platform market. Also, Socage has revolutionized the market for platforms below 3.5Tn by incorporating automatic stabilization for all trucks. 

  • New Model 27D Speed

The new model of platform 27m on 3.5t has the automatic stabilization feature. Also, this equipment provides a hybrid platform known as “Hybrid Lithium”. Furthermore, the 27D Speed is faster and more efficient. 

  • The Speed Finish

The Speed finish innovation exhibited by Socage at GIS expo also earned them an award. For instance, with one button, you can stabilize the bucket and maneuver easily even in difficult terrains. 

Also, the simplicity and speed of these Socage innovations are outstanding. Meanwhile, perfect stabilization is achieved at Zero degrees. Hence, this increases the productivity of the equipment. 

Other Awards Received by Socage at the GIS Exhibition

At the GIS Exhibition, Socage was awarded for their innovation in the Speed series that also features automatic stabilization systems. Also, the premiere of the new 24D Speed Hybrid Lithium model is commendable. These amazing innovations show that the Italian manufacturers are moving swiftly to be at the forefront of environmental trends.

Socage Future Plans

The management of Socage seems not to be finished with their foresight for innovations. While receiving the awards, an executive member of the Socage company thanked their team for their innovations and patience. 

Socage is hopeful their innovations will conquer Europe and beyond. Nevertheless, the GIS Exhibition award to Socage innovative bucket trucks shows that the company is better.

Final Thought

Socage was among the top companies that went away with numerous awards from the GIS Exhibition held recently. Hopefully, Socage would emerge as a winner at the subsequent GIS Exhibition. 

Various companies in Italy attend the Exhibition to display their latest innovation. Usually, to win an award at the GIS Exhibition means that you have outdone so many contenders. No doubt, Socage bucket trucks are outstanding. 

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