Snow Hotel Finland – Amazing Hotel Build With Ice Every Year!!


One can find many articles on top 10 hotels on internet these days and why not? People are fond of staying at expensive and fancy hotels; with great views and other great privileges that they provide. However, let us warn you right away; this particular article doesn’t talk about those fancy and expensive hotels. Rather it’s more about an amazing hotel that you’ll find in Finland – The Snow Hotel. Yes, the name is literal indeed for everything in this hotel is made of ice and snow; the hotel itself, beds, tables and utensils. You name the thing and it is made of ice! Super amazing, don’t you think? This Snow hotel is part of Snow Village that is situated about 200 km above the Arctic Circle. The Snow Village is comprised of three main parts; Snow Hotel, Ice Bar and an Igloo disco. All three places are made of ice and snow with ice astonishing ice sculptures placed inside them. The amazing village is situated in Finnish Lapland, quite close to Levi ski-resorts and in vicinity of international airport of Kittilä.


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The village becomes operational in December and reservations are entertained till the beginning of April, however, the village does stay open as long as the weather permits to remain functional. During the winter of 2012-2013, the Snow Village was built for the twelfth time. If you are still wondering why it requires to be constructed again and again, well first of all *sigh*, secondly, the ice melts during the summer and therefore it requires maintenance to keep it safe and running. Generally the construction starts when the temperature is low enough; around -10 degree Celsius. This means that construction start either at the end of October or start of November. The construction requires around 1.5 tons of snow and 300 tons of natural ice for it.





snow hotel snow hotel finland

The Snow Village (we are speaking of Snow Village here, but in context of Snow hotel) has 30 rooms to offer for those who are willing to sleep on ice beds at a temperature between -2 and -5 Celsius degrees, regardless of what the temperature is outside. Such a trip is worth remembering; sleeping on ice, drinking in ice glasses and what not. Boy oh boy, one heck of a trip. The Snow Village even offers an ice chapel fully furnished with ice for wedding couples- One memorable wedding, don’t you think?  The whole idea of ice furniture and ice buildings is quite unique and peculiar. If you are planning a vacation, do try and visit the Snow Village that has the best and unique ‘ice stuff’ to offer in the whole wide world. Just make sure you take enough warm clothing with you. We don’t want you freezing yourself now, do we?


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