‘Smart’ Pistols That Can Only Be Fired By A Verified User Could Soon Enter The U.S Market

Individual safety is a major concern nowadays, as many people having personal issues in life may be inclined towards unlawful acts and even suicide. Moreover, children playing with guns can accidentally set them off. Since gun ownership in the U.S is more common than in other parts of the world, ‘safer’ guns are being built that only allow only verified users to fire the gun.

These personalized smart guns could soon be available across American Markets. Pistols that will read your fingerprint for the detection or will require a passcode, would be the new and efficient entry in the era of smart guns.

One particular system from entrepreneur Tom Holland’s company SmartGunz uses RFID chips, which are quite similar to the emitters used in cars to pay tolls. When shooters hold the gun with the hand, wearing a specific ring, it allows them to fire thus unlocking the safety mechanism.

This case is specifically used by the police when they need protection in case of their pistol being wrestled away by a suspect. Similarly, it is a sort of relief to the parents, who remain concerned about their children could find their firearm. Holland further mentioned that these guns can be accessed by those consumers who feel that they have the need for lethal protection on their property. He expects his pistol, which is being tested by some police in the US, to begin selling to civilians by the mid of this year.

Firearms sales set a record of nearly 23 million sold in 2020, according to the Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting consultancy. The United States saw a big rise in homicides since national records began in 1960, and gun laws have always been the subject of controversy. Half of the roughly 40,000 annual firearms deaths are suicides.

According to Ginger Chandler, co-founder of LodeStar Works, user verification steps are a sort of buffer against suicides and crimes. Her firm is thus developing a 9mm pistol, which is to reach the market by 2023 can unlock the safety mechanisms by fingerprints, passcodes, and smartphone apps.

But the manufacturers, LodeStar have focused on the viewpoint to stay away from the politics of gun rights and their product seeks to avoid that debate as well. They were with the view that Government must stay out of it and thus allow the consumer to make the choice

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