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Skywatch Windoo Turns Your Smartphone Into A Weather Station

If you’re a kite flyer, a surfer or a boater,  then we have good news for you. A Swiss company JDC Electronic SA has launched a new set of sleek and small anemometers of the size of a lipstick! The smart and aesthetic Skwatch Windoo series bring wind- and weather-tracking ability to your smartphone.

The Skywatch anemometer is not a new smartphone accessory but it is distinguished by its compactness and neatness with its ‘sapphire bearings, its anodized aluminum housing, its stainless steel shaft and its carbon protective case’.

The Skywatch Windoo is a robust sensor with ‘a multi-directional propeller and its magnetic transmission for wind speed, with its sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure.’

It has no battery and is inserted into the phone’s headphone jack. The data is read inside the accompanying app which can be shared instantly on Facebook, Twitter and Windoo’s website.

The makers claim that the Windoo tracks wind speeds up to 150 km/h with +- 2 percent accuracy. The device works with a variety of IOS and android devices.

For now, there are three models of Windoos. The first is an anemometer for wind speed, wind direction and temperature measurements, the second is a Weather station for wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity measurements and the third is a complete weather station with wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and pressure.

Windoo 1
Windoo 2
Windoo 3