10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (9)

Air flow meters are usually used to check the performance of Air conditioning systems or industrial fans. They are a handy piece of equipment for any Mechanical Engineer/Technician especially if he/she is dealing with air flow systems. We have listed some of best available air flow meters based on specifications and overall cost. So check out this list and let us know your favourite digital air flow meter in the comment section below.

10. BENETECH LCD Digital Wind Speed Scale Gauge (28.81$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (10)

Rudimentary air flow meter has two buttons, and a large brightly lit LCD screen. The sensors on the device can measure temperature as well and has a range of up to 55 Knots.

Available Here

9. TekPower TP6252A(24.99$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (9)

The device can measure in two units, meter square and square feet. The instrument is ideal for windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts as well because it is easy to learn and interpret. It has a range of 58 knots.

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8. MS6252A Digital Anemometer by HYELEC(29.99$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (18)

HYELEC is one the premium suppliers of the air flow measuring equipment and based on this equipment it is hard to argue why. It can measure in both ft² and m² whereas it can also record air speed in multiple units with a range of 60 knots or 67 mile/h

Available Here

7. Supco Digital Air Flow Meter(170.17$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (17)

One of the most expensive equipment on our list. The device can record temperature & humidity along with air speed in multiple units. The product also has ‘hold’ functionality, but even so the price tag is a little bit more.

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6. Anemometer Proster Digital LCD Wind Speed Meter (17.95$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (13)

The best value purchase on our list. You get the option od displaying wind speed in 5 different units m/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots & mph. And also, it can measure wind temperature up to 45 degrees centigrade.

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5. Mastech MS6300(158.99$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (12)


Mastech model has six different modes which include temperature, humidity, sound level, illumination, wind speed & air flow. It can measure temperature marginally over 140F while having a range of 65 knots on the wind speed scale.

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4. HoldPeak HP-866B(22.85$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (14)

Amazon rates this as the #1 Best Seller so it can not have much wrong with it. The device records temperature and can record speed in 5 different units. The entire unit is powered by just 2 AAA batteries.

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3. General Tools & Instruments DCFM8906 (144.82$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (11)

Another high-quality Air flows meter with a temperature sensor with a range of 14-130F. You can switch between 5 different display types depending on the units and whats most remarkable is that it comes with a 17-year warranty.

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2. UEi Test Instruments DAFM3B(152.70$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (16)

One of the few products on or list which have a proper Auto power off capability. With this device, you have the freedom to toggle between English and metric displays. It record temperature and works on a 9V battery.

Available Here

1. Pyle PMA90 (49.99$)

10 Best Digital Air Flow Meters (15)

The most popular Air flow digital meter. It has a rating of 4/5 stars and has amassed over 100 positive reviews on Amazon. Pyle PMA90 can record temperatures as high as 140F while it has 5  Air velocity units M/sec, Km/H, Ft/Min, MPH & Knots. What’s most incredible about this device is that it is highly power efficient, and the 9V batteries can run considerably longer than most devices.

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    hi, i want a 1/2″ inline digital air flow meter for my factory , can you recommend, 15 psi

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