Skyscraper Made Of Shipping Containers To Be Erected In Mumbai

container skyscraper3

For obvious reasons containers haven’t been used in making skyscrapers before. But, a proposed design by Ganti and Associated Design, an architectural firm, envisages a 30-storey building made from containers. The firm has got some significant breakthroughs in making a viable plan for the container-skyscraper in Mumbai, India. It seems a real project that will do some good for the local people as the price of these apartments is expected to be affordable.

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The raw concept of making a container-skyscraper is not a new one, and the idea first found its roots in an architectural competition that resulted in the famous design of CRG’s twin skyscrapers. The GA Design version skyscraper is projected to gain an elevation of thirty-two floors. There is a steel framework for supporting the containers that are unable to hold the whole structure on their own. External Design is made keeping in mind the positives from containers and intends to feature different boxes in different colors. The innovative interior setup consists of three containers that join form a single apartment. It will have a master bedroom, a smaller room, a kitchen, two toilets, a study, dining area, dock area and a lounge. Furthermore, the apartment will have stairs and elevators in the central area to take the residents to the appropriate level.

container skyscraper

The interior lighting will be provided by LED systems throughout. The use of recycled containers and a solar panel installed on the front facing south will ensure a sustainable design of the skyscraper. To make this project rely on more renewable energy, wind turbines are also planned. Steel based curtains would serve the purpose of providing of natural daylight and ventilation to the interior side.

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The project seems quite good except one major concern that it does not offer much for controlling heat gain by the sun, hence making the interior too hot for living purposes. Maybe this problem is persisting and therefore, the company hasn’t announced finalized date of its groundbreaking ceremony yet.


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