Six Ways To Get More Instagram Followers With Tech Automation

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Isn’t it safe already to say that technology and not money is what makes the world go round? Maybe not literally, but at least figuratively!

There is hardly any industry where you won’t find it. And even right at this moment, it’s starting to take the Instagram world by storm.

And why wouldn’t that be? With its knack for simplicity, ease, and comfort, it was only a matter of time before people saw various potentials for the application of tech tools on Instagram. Now, there are lots of Instagram analytics tools, and automation apps, scattered across the internet.

However, for this scope of this post, we’ve chosen to discuss just one of the many involvements of technology in Instagram – the application of tech automation – and how it helps the people on the platform get more followers. A lot of influencers use Upleap to automate their accounts.

So if you wish to get more followers, feel free to read on to discover how tech automation can help you.

Automate how you find and follow accounts

To follow on Instagram; is to be followed. If you follow people that are relevant to your niche (those doing something closely related to yours), the chances are that they will follow you back in return. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for anyone to follow all the accounts that are relevant to their niche on the platform. Even if you have the time to hit the follow button one by one, how will you know their handles?

The good news?

A tech automation tool like bots can help you out. How?

All you have to do is tell the bot the hashtags that are relevant to you, and one after the other, the bot will fish out accounts within reach of these hashtags and follow them for you.

Simple and easy!

Automate when you post on Instagram

You’ve probably heard about the importance of timing your posts on Instagram – about how it makes sense to post only when your audiences are online. Well, where is the lie? This is the best tactic for getting your content in the faces of the right people.

Unfortunately, you can’t always be online when your audiences are online. Except, of course, Instagram is all you do! But not to worry, there are lots of tech automation tools out there that can help you schedule your posts. Some of them can even schedule posts for up to one month, posting content daily just the way you would.

Some popular examples include Later, Buffer, Iconosquare, Sendible, etc.

Automate commenting

One of the best ways to turn a simple comment into an engaging conversation is by responding to the comment ASAP. For example, if someone drops a comment on your post and you respond in less than 20 seconds, the chances are that such a person will still be online to either like, react, or respond to the response you’ve given.

The hard part?

You can’t always be online to respond to the loads of comments coming in at various times. But a tech automation bot can be. By stating the tone (positive) and theme to maintain, a tech bot can respond to comments on your behalf, thereby creating an engaging conversation.

Automate likes

The best way to get your audience to notice you is by interacting with their own content through likes, comments, and views. But you don’t want to do this too often, so you don’t appear as though you’re stalking them. At the same time, it is near-impossible liking with thousands of posts from different accounts.

So what can you do?

Get a bot to automatically hit the like button for you on various posts.

PRO TIP: If you like to get many likes for your own posts, you should look to buy automatic Instagram likes monthly from a trusted provider like Stormlikes.

Automate DMs

Every human wants to be noticed anywhere they go. And this is no different on Instagram. By simply sending a “thanks for the follow” DM to a new follower, you create a strong impression of yourself in their mind, thereby building a platform for future conversations.

But what if you get close to a hundred followers request daily, will you still send a personal DM to them all?

Don’t think so!

But you can if you have a chatbot working on your Instagram account. All the bot has to do is send a welcome message to anyone that follows you.

Track and improve your metrics

From time to time, you want to keep an eye on your automation efforts. If you find that you aren’t getting as many engagements as you might have expected, you may want to adjust your automation to target different hashtags, accounts, or metrics.


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