Shutterstock Is Now Selling Images Generated By AI – In Collaboration With OpenAI


As the popularity of AI text-to-image generated art is rising with every passing day, the stock image company, Shutterstock, has decided to collaborate with OpenAI in order to sell AI-generated stock images. It should be noted that the collaboration will enable Shutterstock to directly access OpenAI’s image generator, i.e., DALL-E2. In addition to this, a new strategy has also been put up by the company in which it will compensate those creators whose content would be used to direct the AI models, and it will be carried out under a new scheme named “Contributor Fund.”

Coupled with this, it should be noted that the implementation of this action plan would be seen in the “coming months,” as per the company. Not to mention, the company is taking protective measures in order to secure its content from copyright claims, and for this, it has planned to permanently restrict all those AI-generated images that don’t come under the scrutiny of OpenAI. In this way, the company can implement its strategies more effectively and can also carry out the tasks of paying the producers efficiently. Not to mention, the content creators will be paid every six months in compensation for their content being used for the training of the AI generator.

Furthermore, as of now, this is regarded as the “first major compensation deal” by the company, which also has the potential to secure the company from the threats of the content being stolen or issues related to copyright. On the other hand, one of the most important competitors of Shutterstock, i.e., Getty Images, has now ended up with the use of AI-based images for its content due to continued concerns about copyright. Not only this, it is deploying the use of “filters” in its images to get rid of the issue permanently. In a similar way, Google hasn’t taken any action yet regarding the public authorization of its “image-generating tool”. This is because it hasn’t found any “responsible” way to implement the method as per the company.

To that end, there are still some concerns regarding the payment deals with the creators but all that we know is that this deal is going to be a big one and will also pave way for future endeavors of this kind.


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