Should Commercial Aircraft Have Ejector Seats Or Not? Here’s The Answer

Should Commercial Aircraft Have Ejector Seats Or Not?

Have you ever wondered why there are no ejector seats along with parachutes in all of the commercial aircraft? Apparently, it does sound like a smart plan given the number and frequency of aircraft crashes that we are witnessing. However, a deeper analysis of the question explains that it is not possible at all to incorporate the ejector seats in commercial aircraft. We have put together a list of reasons why installing ejector seats with the parachute in commercial aircraft is not a good idea. Check out the list below;

Injuries After Ejecting Are Severe!

Should Commercial Aircraft Have Ejector Seats Or Not?

You probably are not aware, but an ejection seat is considered to be an emergency maneuver. Something that is considered last resort as an alternative to certain death. However, ejected pilots seldom land without sustaining severe injuries. The list of injuries includes heavy spinal damage, broken limbs, and much more.

The Pilots Are Healthy, 20-35 Year Old Professionals!

What would be the consequence of ejecting a 75-year-old grandfather? Can you imagine ejecting children on these seats? The outcomes would be disastrous.

Ejector Seats Are Mini Bombs!

Should Commercial Aircraft Have Ejector Seats Or Not?

Once the person pulls the handle, the seat actually explodes out of the aircraft. The canopy above the pilot’s head is ripped open via explosive bolts and the rocket placed under the seat ignites executing the launch of the pilot into the air. The pilot is already braced for impact and in the proper launching position. Now imagine having hundreds of these on an aircraft; yeah, not a bright idea!

Ejector Seats Are Super Expensive & Heavy

A fighter jet only has to house one or two pilots and can manage the extra weight. Whereas, the commercial aircraft is already keeping a strict check on the cargo because every pound of cargo needs extra fuel. This renders the prospect of installing ejector seats quite stupid.

There Is No Need For It

Should Commercial Aircraft Have Ejector Seats Or Not?

What will happen if accidental detonation takes place? With a hole in the fuselage at such high altitudes; the pilot will have to deal with a plethora of other problems. Let’s not forget that a commercial aircraft is already quite safe. Heard about Chesley Sullenberger? The hero from the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’? What would have happened had he told everyone to eject? Instead of happy folks, we would be collecting passengers from trees or the Empire State Building.

Leg Space!

Should Commercial Aircraft Have Ejector Seats Or Not?

How would you feel if you had to be strapped for a six-hour flight into this? Ah yes, we love our comfort, don’t we? The public will not stand for the idea of such a constricted space where they would have to be strapped into the ejector seat.

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