Shocked Apple Customers Are Finding Coins Inside Their Macbooks


You believe that Apple products are ridiculously expensive? You wouldn’t think the price is ridiculous if you found money in you MacBook, right?

A user on Imgur, “Greatease”, uploaded some pictures of their MacBook Pro SuperDrive with a penny inside the plastic cover. Interestingly, he is not the only one to find a coin inside his MacBook. Multiple people have complained about the same thing, with the first incident reportedly happening in 2010. The most interesting part is that the coins are of varying currencies.

Source: Experts Exchange

Most people who complained about the happenings online were unable to figure out how it got there. Apart from the few suggesting that it is some witchcraft, some people put forward considerable explanations for how this happened. The possibilities considered are numerous; some ridiculous but some logical.

Source: Imgur

Some wondered if the Chinese workers were just slipping in coins during production, or maybe the coins served some industrial purpose for real in the machine. But the most typical of all the explanations is that the coins could have fallen or pushed in. A commenter on a Gizmodo article, who used to work for Apple’s Genius Bar Tech-support, commented that it is very common to find stuff like coins, paper clips, SD cards, basically anything that could fit in the slot. 90% of the time it is because of kids pushing things in the Optical Drive. Many users seemed to agree with this explanation.

Things are found in the slot commonly, but there is no explanation which states the exact reason for sure. Another user on Gizmodo offered an explanation saying,
When the drive grabs a disk, that hub depressed downward. IF a coin falls in the optical drive slot while the hub is depressed (disk installed), it can slide through the round hole that the hub retracts into when there is no disk installed.”

Source: Mac Rumours

This possibility may make you a few cents richer, but we think you would do better with your MacBook intact.

What do you think is the reason for these coins? Comment below!

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