She Was Dying Of Cancer – What The Loving Couple Did in Last Few Days Will Keep Her Alive Forever

Battling Cancer2

We would like to start this post by sharing what the photographer Angelo Merindino stated on his blog:

‘By sharing our story, our love story, something beautiful has begun to grow out of something so horrible and unfair. If we don’t share our experiences how can we learn, grow and survive?’

What is this all about? Angelo’s wife Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer and he made a decision at that moment, the decision was to capture the struggle that he and his wife were about to go through. The result is something that is so powerful and emotionally inspiring that words do fail to describe it. For those of you who have lost their loved ones via cancer they can relate to the pictures and are well aware of how cancer grows while draining your loved one of life. 

The pictures that follow are the courtesy of

Battling Cancer Battling Cancer2 Battling Cancer3 Battling Cancer4 Battling Cancer5 Battling Cancer6 Battling Cancer7 Battling Cancer8 Battling Cancer9 Battling Cancer10 Battling Cancer11 Battling Cancer12 Battling Cancer13 Battling Cancer14 Battling Cancer15 Battling Cancer16 Battling Cancer17 Battling Cancer18 Battling Cancer19 Battling Cancer20 Battling Cancer21 Battling Cancer22 Battling Cancer23 Battling Cancer24 Battling Cancer25
Cancer takes millions of lives every year and cancer treatments are not always effective. The only way for us is to spread more and more awareness among masses for all forms of cancers such as breast cancer, mesothelioma, Prostate cancer etc.
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  1. sara Reply

    I have looked at your sequence of pictures so many times and yet it makes me cry each time. I can only imagine what you and your wife’s family went and are going through. Cancer makes us all helpless and at its mercy. I just pray that you all find peace and closure and let only the happy memories live on.

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