Sharp Introduces Free Form Display Screens That Open Up New Possibilities


Are you not bored by the shapes of the current gadgets? They are so boxy and we are glad that this conventional shape is about to be changed by Sharp, who has recently made a technological breakthrough which will allow it to manufacture LCD screens in different shapes. The company has termed this technology as ‘Free-Form Display’ and it differs from the conventional LCD screen owing to how the circuits are organized on the LCD.Free Form Display

Sharp defines it as; ‘Conventional displays are rectangular because they require a minimal width for the bezel in order to accommodate the drive circuit, called the gate driver, around the perimeter of the screen’s display area. With the Free-Form Display, the gate driver’s function is dispersed throughout the pixels on the display area. This allows the bezel to be shrunk considerably, and it gives the freedom to design the LCD to match whatever shape the display area of the screen needs to be.’sharp_free_form_display

Although we won’t be able to witness the round smartphones right away however, we do see some of the conceptual smartphones and gadgets coming to life because of this technological breakthrough. The more soon-to-be-seen incorporations of this technology will include dashboard displays for vehicles and on signage. However, the most awaited and the most efficient use will come when this technology will be applied to smart watches and other wearable tech. Imagine if Apple used this technology for its iWatch and the consequences of this – iWatch could really outrun the competition if things went this

As per Sharp the irregular shaped displays will be commercialized in 2017 and that is when we shall be witnessing a number of amazing gadgets and smartphones with newer and unconventional designs

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