Watch What Happens When This Guy Jumps On A Trampoline With 1000 Mousetraps

Some of us have seen a mousetrap go off. But have you ever wondered how a thousand of them would look like going off at the same time and that too on a trampoline? You can stop wondering now as Daniel and Gavin, The Slow Mo Guys demonstrate it for you.

Taking four hours to set up the traps, with an accident setting off around half of them when they were close to completion. Finally having set up the mousetraps, Daniel is so excited to jump on the trampoline from a ladder to set them off that he forgets to wear his safety goggles and almost tips the ladder as he jumps off.

You can take a look at how the action unfolded in a 4k slow motion video below:

As exciting as it seems, viewers are advised not to pull something like this off at home.

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