SenSei Glove Is A Wearable Gadget That Helps The Blind Navigate Easily

SenSei Glove – Wearable Tech for Blind

Life is not easy for those who suffer from blindness. Although a number of methods have been introduced over time to help them combat this condition and to make their life better, not all of them have been successful. However, the latest initiative taken by Management students of Nottingham University seems to be making quite a progress. The team is made up of Taivat Luthura and Serkan Oztas who have created a wearable gadget to combat blindness; SenSei Glove. The glove senses the proximity of objects and allows for safe navigation.SenSei Glove – Wearable Tech for Blind2

The gloves are currently in prototype phase and have an ultrasonic sensor incorporated into them on the back side. This sensor beeps when the distance between the wearer and nearby object is too less. The team is currently working upon reducing the size and weight of the prototype. The end result should be convenient when it comes to operation and must appeal aesthetically as well.SenSei Glove – Wearable Tech for Blind

The SenSei Glove also came first in the Entrepreneurship and Business Competition that was held by Nottingham Business School. The project was given a prize of $1,540. The gadget still has a long journey ahead if it wants to move to production phase and must incorporate a number of functions to enable blind people to use it easily.

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