Self-Diagnostics Of Your Vehicle

Doing vehicle diagnostics yourself, you will require specific knowledge of modern cars’ mechanisms and some repair tools. Self-diagnostics will reduce the risk of cheating while purchasing used cars and will help to identify defects of work of service centers staff.

Computer diagnostics is required in the following cases:

  • to assess the technical condition during purchasing a used car;
  • during the determination of error signal reasons on the dashboard, called «check engine»;
  • in estimating the results of repair work performed by auto service.

Usually, self-diagnostics will require a PC. You can also use a laptop, netbook or tablet with the appropriate software and the Internet connection. In addition to the PC, you will need a diagnostic adapter and repair manuals to decrypt the error codes and abbreviations. Repair manuals for cars can be easily found on epcatalogs website.

Despite the fact that the process of self-computer diagnostics does not contain any difficulties, it will be better if you make your first diagnosis under the guidance of a professional. Such an approach will help you to avoid many errors in deciphering the received information.

In addition to the computer, there is a so-called diagnosis of acoustic noise produced by the units and mechanisms of the car during their work. In particular, when the engine is running, this method allows making a conclusion about the correct functioning of its individual systems and mechanical interfaces of individual parts.

While doing acoustic diagnostics or when listening to knocks of working engine, it is necessary to take into account that the angular velocity of rotation of the crankshaft is 2 times higher the shaft of the gas-distributing mechanism (GDM). Accordingly, the frequency of knocks, indicating malfunctions of the GDM will be 2 times lower than the worn parts of the crank mechanism. This method allows you to identify the location of the problem.

Engine Self-Diagnostics

It is known that the working condition of the car depends primarily on the engine. Sometimes it brakes from improper usage, sometimes for other reasons. In such cases, we can determine the appearance of the «Check engine» indication on the dashboard. The best solution, in this case, is to contact the service center immediately; they will make a computer diagnostics of your car. If you are thinking of searching the solution on your own, then check the following advice.

The process of car self-diagnostics is quite simple. However, a beginner may have a lot of questions, therefore, in order to clarify the situation, it is better to perform your first independent diagnosis under the supervision of an experienced master.

Physical Damage

In most cases, engine failures are happening due to boundary wear of the piston system. As a result, power declines and fuel consumption increases. It is important that diesel engines are fundamentally different from those using petrol. For example, diesel engines are often repaired due to the failure of the pistons, as they can burn. If you suddenly notice the symptoms described above – you can be sure that the problem will be precisely in physical damage of the motor.

Oil and Fuel

For proper engine operation, oil is necessary. From time to time, it must be changed. During the operation of mechanisms, surfaces that are in friction with each other fail very quickly without sufficient lubrication. Oil tends to get dirty. Then the working parts break down faster, even being heavily lubricated. As a result, you can expect the engine jamming, which implies an expensive overhaul. It is important for drivers to remember that a shortage of oil almost always leads to serious engine damage.

If your car is stalled, this is not the worst option. If this situation happened, you must wait until the engine cools down, and check the level in the oil tank with a special dipstick. It is important to remember that if the driver constantly accelerates too quickly and stops abruptly – this leads to rapid wear of car parts. When the engine is functioning in the same mode most of the time, such stability will have a positive effect on its lifespan.

For inexperienced drivers, it is difficult to repair the engine themselves. Remember the main rule: prevention is always better than treating!

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