See Who Is Outside And Control Your Door With This Smart Wifi Peephole Camera

peephole wi-fi camera

There are numerous gadgets that help you monitor your door. There are CCTV cameras that stream live video and then there are other high-speed cameras that give you live feedback from around the house. This gadget goes one step further in usefulness as it can stream the video from the peephole directly to your smartphone instead of a static display. This way, you can monitor it wherever you are and with the help of a remote opening system, you can open the door for any recognizable face, without the need of going there yourself.

To install the Peeple peephole camera, you need to unscrew the lens and then install the camera inside and then put it up again. If you get tired of it, you can quickly remove it from the hole due to its excellent handling. If the door is glass and, therefore, has no peeping hole, you can attach it to the door with the help of a good adhesive bracket.

peephole wi-fi camera2

An app installed on your phone connects to the device. It lies dormant until the door knocks, and its vibrations awaken it and sends a notification to the app through wi-fi. Then the app starts showing live video from the door and you identify the person standing outside. It also keeps a record of who had turned up at your door so that you can know if someone had shown up at your door when you went out, or your phone was out off. If the door opens, Peeple also gets activated automatically. It means that any intrusions into your home will be identified, and you will be alerted, so it is a good security app as well. This feature can also be used to track you infants and prevent them from venturing outside. Power is provided by a rechargeable battery, and it lasts for a good long six months before it needs charging.

In the current form, however, the device isn’t connected to the doorbell. You will need to disable it to use the automatic surveilance feed since people don’t knock on doors too much these days. Improved versions of Peeple will see it connected to the doorbells and motion sensor activation as well. The project is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign, and if you want to get yourself one, a 149 $ bid will be enough to get your hands on it depending on the minimum bidding figure being met.


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